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I specialize in treatments for the following:

• Life Coaching
• Support with health issues
• Relationship issues
• Conflict Resolution
• Depression and Anxiety
• Stress Management
• Grief and Loss
• Panic attacks and Phobias
• Parenting and Family Issues
• Work and Career Issues
• Life purpose direction

I work with a wide range of emotional, spiritual, mental and behavioural issues to provide therapy and counselling. In a supportive environment, my highly personalized approach will help you attain the personal growth you’re striving for.

I use various holistic techniques such as:

• Cutting The Ties That Bind Technique

• Psychic Counselling Techniques

• Creating Life Plans
Tailoring the life you want
Spiritual Life Plans
Healing Life Plans

• Readings
Healing Readings
Past Life Readings
Relationship Readings
Financial Readings
Clarity Readings
Tarot Readings
Oracle Card Readings
Life Purpose Readings
And more!

• Meditations

• Many recommended resources: Louise Hay; Abraham Hicks; Dolores Cannon

• Coming soon QHHT