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 Think about:

Searching for answers inside yourself ~ Being grateful for what you have learned ~ What Spiritual quest are you currently on ~ Doing what you know is right for you ~ Is it time for a change in interests? ~ Release old soul stories ~ Look at patterns in your life that you are ready to release ~ Unbind from the old ways that are no longer sustainable.

 Take action by:

Embracing the new you ~ Acknowledging and showing appreciation to yourself and others ~ Being free of fear ~ Commit to moving forward ~ Be confident ~ Do what you can to raise the consciousness of the planet ~ Ask for assistance if you need it ~ Reach out to your Angels, Guides, Ascended Master ~ Seek clarity

 Advice for you:

See that you ‘are’ surrounded by new opportunities for happiness ~ Let go of anything you have been holding onto ~ Put the past behind you ~ Let your intuition move you physically ~ Connect with others who are like you at a soul level ~ Join or lead a group that can support you and your soul’s mission ~ Heal yourself ~ Raise your consciousness ~ Choose to devote your life to something greater ~ Call in your tribe by sharing your voice and being seen ~ Remember, when you share what is real and true, you share medicine and those like you will gather round.

Love & Light to you
Crystal xo