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  • We are in for a wonderful week with a lot of energy being put into our loved ones. For those who are working there will be new opportunities and career advancement.
  • With the Christmas holiday period upon us, re-evaluate your plans to make sure you are choosing the best course of action. This is also a time of the year when we are focusing on our children’s needs, so when you do make your plan, do what you can to stick to them. There’s a lot of nostalgia in the air and getting wrapped up in this can quickly throw those plans off track so keep this in mind to enjoy what’s going on without causing problems with your budget or plans you have made with others.
  • Anytime of the year is wonderful to practice gratitude and appreciation. Right now is a good time for thinking about all the things you appreciate. This will eliminate the onset of holiday horror thoughts which many people tend to shift into around this time of the year, so combat that with thoughts of appreciation.
  • Finances and money look good this week. You should have the Midas touch. If you don’t, do the work to find where you are blocking attracting money.
  • Wishes can come true this week. Look for the beautiful things in life and your wishes will find you.
  • All indicators point to a successful week filled with excitement, joy and opportunities. If you’re not getting it or feeling it, take the opportunity for your free session with Crystal. No money required, no commitments required, just loving Spirit and guidance.

Love & Light to you
Crystal xo

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