Crystal’s weekend reading

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How can I enjoy my weekend?

There’s a lot of Spiritual energy this weekend. The inward search for answers will be rewarded. Leave the past behind and embrace the new, after all, you are in charge of the choices you make. Past experiences are about helping you understand who you are. Remember this if you are catching up with people from your past. Be grateful for what you have learned. You will receive some exciting news this weekend. Spirit is guiding you to totally embrace this new adventure.

What will challenge me?

When challenging events occur, it’s important to take some time to heal. You will grow from every experience. You also need to remember that you are not alone and that you have Spirit or friends who want to assist you. Ask your Angels / Guides to help you see the reason for any challenges in your life. Try looking at things from a new perspective and seeing things in a different light. Any solitude you are experiencing is Spirit asking you to do some spit spiritual work that you will benefit from and will lead to self-discovery. Meditate or focus on learning something spiritual that really lights you up. If you’re a spiritual teacher your message is to spend time on you.

How can I care for myself?

You have it all and there is so much to be grateful for! Family (birth or chosen) life will be a blessing and there is great love around you. Understand what really matters and that knowledge comes from peace. A wind of change is blowing and it’s a favourable wind, so this is a good time for making changes in your career, home or outlook on life. Take that trip were thinking about or if you’re offered to go somewhere, embracer the adventure.

Have an awesome weekend!
Love & Light to you
Crystal xo

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