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How can I enjoy my weekend?

Follow through on that wonderful idea you have. The way forward is clear o you and you’re good to go full steam ahead. There is an opportunity to do or try different things, so don’t let fear hold you back, even if there are some bumps along the way. Make sure your communication with others is clear. A wonderful person is coming into your life! This will bring positive emotions such as joy, pleasure and happiness. Some may even fall in love. This weekend sees our psychic abilities heightened, so please be aware of your energy and the energy of the environment you’re in. Remember, spiritual growth accompanies rich and emotional experiences.

What will challenge me?

Stay determined and have courage, especially if you are thinking of trying something new or meeting with a new group of people. Be open and flexible and be prepared for any possibility. Spirit is guiding you to do what is right. If you’re going over contracts this weekend, review them well and read the fine print. Take responsibility for your actions.

How can I care for myself?

Give yourself a gift, one that promises passion, opportunities or inspiration. Be active, but do something meaningful like a nature walk or a gathering with like-minded people. Accept new adventures and opportunities with open arms. There is definitely some type of opportunity to do something you love this weekend and Spirit is wholeheartedly asking you to embrace this endeavour. Dazzle people with your originality and ingenuity.

Have an awesome weekend!
Love & Light to you
Crystal xo

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