Crystal’s Weekend Reading

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How can I enjoy my weekend?

It’s important to have and maintain balance which is not easy if you’re planning a lot of partying, but life’s all about feeling good, so you will be able to re-coupe. If you weekend includes ticking off items on your to-do-list, make sure you include items with some ‘pamper me time’. Look at life in a playful way and go with the flow. If you’re on a budget or planning a quiet weekend then be creative, get a massage or do some yoga, anything that will create a vibrant, healthy and luxurious atmosphere. Enjoy the beautiful things in life!

What will challenge me?

Nothing, if you have the right attitude. The Star says it will be a good weekend, so have happy expectations. If you find yourself struggling to be positive ask Archangel Jophiel or your Spirit Guide to beautify your thoughts. It seems like the biggest challenge any of us will have this weekend is extremes in spending money, but don’t let this create fear based thoughts that limit your actions.

How can I care for myself?

Follow your passion. Do what lights you up. Opportunities for excitement and adventure are headed your way. Show those around you how amazing you are. Keep an open mind through meditation or learning something new. Prepping for next week will give you an advantage.

Have an awesome weekend!
Love & Light to you
Crystal xo

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